If you don’t currently use VOIP for voice communication, then you are most certainly using the good old phone line (Packet-Switched Telephone Network or PSTN). On a PSTN line, you are paying for bandwidth and dedicated lines which are not being used. Long distance and International calls are much more expensive.

We call our AM Technology Solutions voice solution VOPN (Voice Over Private Network.) By this, we leverage the efficiency of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) with security and reliability of our private secure network. We also use the latest technology to offer high definition sound quality, with no jitter or latency.

Canada UnlimitedATA Rental
Unlimited calling in Canada*
911 Service
Use your existing phones
Convert whole home to VoIP

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  • ATA rental fee includes shipping
  • If service is cancelled, ATA must be returned or a $75 lost hardware fee applies